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Ocean Skin Perfect Whitening Serum

SGD $61.50

A skin recovery serum packed with rich deep sea nature antioxidants to combat anti-aging, revitalise our skin to achieve a firm, smooth and youthful skin complexion. This treat of a product not only sinks into your skin after cleansing to make your complexion extra soft and supple, it also helps in diminishing wrinkles, brightening uneven dull skin tone, tightening and hydrating the skin.

With natural main ingredients so pure and untainted from deep underneath the sea, it repairs the skin effectively with its whitening and hydrating properties. It's also light-weight and easily absorb onto skin. The key secret to translucence, fair and dewy skin like the Koreans!

With SGS, GMP, FDA approved internationally, Ocean Skin perfect whitening serum is generally suitable for use for all skin-types, even sensitive and acne prone skin., both females and males.

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