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30 ML

*Advanced Edition*

“Glamour is about feeling good in your own skin. – Zoe Saldana”

As you aged, so does your skin! Start to revive your dull and pigmented skin with this highly performing whitening and anti-aging Ideapelle lotion! It works with the use of patented medicine ingredients; REGU®-FADE & Resveratrol: the most effective solution for noticeable glow and brighter skin complexion in 2 weeks*!

It's specially formulated to cleanse and detox the congested skin from daily environmental pollutants and eliminate impurities deep from the pores effectively. Daily use of Ideapelle Power Whitening Lotion helps to whiten the skin by up to 400%, diminish enlarged pores and dark spots appearance, prevent acne, correct uneven skin tone and finally firm and restore skin elasticity. It oxygenates the skin to a healthier and shinier glow.


General Information

♥ Type: Lotion 
♥ Generally suitable for all skin-types
♥ For External Use Only 
♥ Average usage of a bottle is around 2 to 3 months depending on individuals. Individuals' result may vary.
♥ Validity Period: 12 months once opened
♥ All of our products are 100% authentic 
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